HOPE Hacks: HOPE For The Holidays

HOPE for the Holidays – Along with the holidays often comes that additional stress, tension and pressure.  How do you keep the negatives in check and try and enjoy the spirit of the season? Regardless of your faith, tradition or how you choose to celebrate the season, with “it” all around us, a pathway to a better experience this season is to focus on gratitude and hope. Here are a couple of “hope-filled” columns we share with you on the habits and benefits of gratitude! Click on the article titles to read.

Habits of Grateful People

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

Another rewarding way to find your pathway to gratitude and inspiration during this holiday season is to enjoy some “hope-filled” movies. Recently Healthy Gen's Executive Director Melanie Gillespie sat down with Dr. Chan Hellman, the leading scientist on the research of hope. The interview contained so many inspirational moments (stay tuned to hear more about how you too can access the full interview) but when asked about ways that people can find examples of pursuing hope, Dr. Hellman confirmed what we might all be thinking - the movies! While Dr. Hellman specifically pointed out "Good Will Hunting" as a story of emerging and increasing hope as pathways were better defined and followed, it also stands that there are an abundance of films studying similar routes to hope. This is an independent list of movies that may fit Dr. Hellman’s description of hope-inspired movies. So if stress has got you down, grab a friend, some popcorn and enjoy one of these flicks!