HOPEtivist Edie Higby

February is National Dental Health Month and so we are kicking off the month by honoring one of the great tooth fairies of Washington state – Edie Higby!

Edie Higby has a strong background as an Early Childhood Professional and Community Health Worker. She is an Early Achievers Training Specialist for Community-Minded Enterprises, Eastern Washington’s Child Care Aware and owner of The “Tooth Fairy Company”. She is a Washington State Department of Early Learning Approved Professional Development Trainer, Oral Health Community Health Specialist & Certified Social Media Marketer.

Edie is also the creator and Project Manager for the “Tooth Fairy Project” partnering with Spokane County Libraries and facilitating Tooth Fairy Play & Learn Library Events in the most rural areas of the Spokane area. Edie is also a published author and has written articles for the Exchange Professional Child Care Magazine for kids and “Ten Tips from The Tooth Fairy” and on-line Ezine Articles regarding childhood dental emergencies and disparities.

She has made a career out of being the Tooth Fairy and writing about her adventures for young children, parents and educators to bring fun, education and communication about the importance of oral hygiene literacy and to bring positive expectations into going to the dentist. Edie’s mission as an Early Childhood Professional Ambassador and member of the Oral Health Coalition Committee & Community Health Worker Task Force is fighting the most chronic childhood disease that we have in America today, tooth decay. As tooth decay continues to stand as a national childhood epidemic, her goal is to eradicate the horrible disease completely.

Edie has created a unique educational tool to approach this childhood disease called the 'Dental Care Passport’ similar to an immunization record and is founder of “The Tooth Fairy Program” that has provided educational and outreach services on oral health literacy to hundreds of low income families. February is National Dental Health Month, in celebration call or email the Tooth Fairy today!

Contact Edie at:

ediehigby@gmail.com or toothfairytime@hotmail.com
cell: (509)720-1977