Mixed Messages on Health

Ever seen an advertisement that made you go, "Huh?" Did that Foodie Blogger tell you her raw vegan banana recipe is really just a plain old banana she left in the car too long? Maybe you're hip to the fact that corn tortilla chips have always been gluten free, and labeling them as such in 2015 is redundant and demeaning to consumers.

The fact remains, folks are getting mixed signals about health and well-being everywhere we turn. 

Some examples, like the "Flu Shots" sign advertising cold medicine in the form of alcohol. Is this a result of employees pulling a crank? Or is it just an everyday oversight? Other examples of confusing messaging, like incorrect labels on doors, can actually pose a safety threat. 

Check back in with HOPE Happens to see what type of Mixed Message we'll be tackling next week and for the time being, enjoy these delights below.