Paving the Path to Walkable Communities – Go Feet First!

Our friends at the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP) brought us this great story on Feet First!

The path to successful legislative advocacy can be long. Great bills often die in committee, so advocates must work strategically to convey a bill’s urgency. Feet First, a non-profit dedicated to creating walkable communities, realized the need for stronger legislation in Washington State. In 2014 alone, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission estimated that there were 350 serious pedestrian injuries in Washington, of which 67 were fatal.

To gain key allies and support for their bill, Feet First looked at ways to appeal across the aisle, using neutral language and telling personal stories to show the impact of a single pedestrian death on a community. However, despite this strong backing, they still faced resistance from some lawmakers. Click here to see the full story.