Report Back from CHW Who Attended APHA Conference in Chicago

Last month Healthy Gen staff, along with local Community Health Workers, journeyed to Chicago for the American Public Health Association annual conference where they presented on the dynamic working happening right here in Washington. 

This massive conference, which brings more than 12,000 public health workers together, was a memorable experience for all involved. 

The whole experience was more than I imagined. I knew there was going to be so many people but once I was there it was amazing. There was so much information in the expo area, definitely need multiple days to actually experience and look at everything. One of the best parts was meeting such important people who are involved in the CHW movement. Meeting and hearing from fellow CHW’s was also a plus. I got to learn that we all want the same thing, but our group in Washington is different but in a good way. After the whole experience it opened my eyes to understand the importance that this whole project has. This is way bigger than I had first thought about it just helping our local community.
— Trista Curley, Community Health Worker in WA