Spokane Indians Baseball Team Changes Logo to Salish Language

At Foundation for Healthy Generations, we LOVE this story of local change. And as we work steadfastly towards enduring health equity we know the significance positive affirmation of diverse cultures has on the greater health of a community and the individuals within those communities. As we watch the mascot and name wars play out in professional sports, we are oh so impressed by these local efforts in Spokane. And we especially love that youth growing up in Spokane will get to see their history and culture represented in one of America's greatest pastimes: baseball. 

I believe we’re the only professional baseball team in the country that has home jerseys in a language other than English...The partnership with the Spokane Tribe is about honoring the history and culture of not only the Spokane Tribe, but the entire region.
— Andy Billig, co-owner of Brett Sports and Entertainment


Take a look at the new logo and jerseys, and make sure you tell us and the Spokane Indians what you think of the new look!