REI to Close on Black Friday

SEATTLE — The front doors of REI stores are staying locked on the biggest shopping day of the year... REI’s 12,000 full and part-time workers will not only have Thanksgiving Day off, they will have Black Friday off with pay.

REI made a groundbreaking announcement this week by saying, "No!" to Black Friday madness and embracing healthier choices for their 12,000 employees. At Healthy Gen, we tip our hats to such a bold, disruptive move. 

Despite the risk of losing sales, CEO Jerry Stritzke feels like the close is consistent with REI's commitment to its employees and members stating, 

You need people to go to the mountain, you need people to catch that outdoor bug... This business centers [on] the outdoors. Thus, we can do something like close our doors on Black Friday, and we’ll have the membership that’ll think that’s cool.

We say THREE CHEERS to Mr. Stritzke and his crew. Read more here