Sunday Morning Story Motivates Viewers to Donate

CBS's Sunday Morning has long been the "quieter, more thoughtful" approach to news magazines hallmarked by more in-depth stories; stories about the unusual, lesser covered topics or perspectives within the news. And maybe we all want a little gentle? Sunday Morning typically outpaces any of the typical Sunday morning political shows in terms of viewing audience. Hmm. 

A few weeks ago no better example of the quality of Sunday Morning content aired with a story about the project Dig Deep - a project to bring water and dig wells in places without. This particular segment focused on the desperate need for water on the Najavo Nation reservation in New Mexico. The story, as reported by Lee Cowan, not only featured the great work of the non-profit project Dig Deep but also conveyed in the most poignant way possible the absolute necessity of water to a community and a look at a real time crisis.  Thanks to this compelling piece of journalism within two weeks of the air-date the project was fully funded by Sunday Morning viewers to the tune of over $600,000. Go here to see the full story and the original segment.